2-night Gourmet Getaway

100%  for epicureans and surprise lovers



For you, the local gastronomy is an integral part of discovering a place. If you want to surprise your taste buds while enjoying a pleasant moment in an unknown destination, this experience is for you! Discover Switzerland off-the-beaten-path😊


We will adapt your adventure to your desires, then reveal you the destination on the day of departure. You will then go to this region by your own means and discover it as you wish.


We will book accommodation (2 nights) and a surprise gourmet activity for you. About a week before departure, you will receive from us: a hint, a checklist of the things to take with you, as well as useful information about the destination and some activities recommendations.


Warning: do not try to know the destination before the departure day or you will ruin the surprise. Trust us, close your eyes and be adventurous.


We plan surprise trips around Switzerland.

We handle everything, even the choice of your destination.


Spice up your trips while supporting the local economy.  



Do you have a request?                A comment? A suggestion?

Do not hesitate to contact us.




Bank transfer (on request)

Berne, Switzerland

We Surprise is based in the Capital City, but run by a French-speaking Swiss trying to learn German. There is still a long way to go before becoming fluent, but let's stay hopeful😉

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