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in Switzerland

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"It was my first surprise weekend and in a world where you tend to want to master everything, it's good to let yourself be surprised! I have no particular suggestions for improvement to make because this stay has kept all its promises and I am more than delighted. Thank you for this magical experience!" 

—  Angèle

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Our Story

I have always been passionate about travel and have a background in tourism. I decided in November 2016 to create my own trips. It was obvious to me that I had to start with the country I know best and which, in my opinion, has too little potential: Switzerland. Indeed, it is often our own country that we know the least, while the latter is full of unsuspected treasures. Switzerland also has the advantage of its size. Indeed, the fact that our country is relatively small allows us to explore it very easily and does not necessarily require taking time off to discover it. This does not mean that we should no longer explore the world, but that it is sometimes worthwhile to take a fresh look at our own country.



Visit Switzerland? Yes, but not just any way! It is indeed extremely important for me to offer trips that respect the principles of sustainable tourism as much as possible: respect for local communities, reduced impact on nature... and to help you discover Switzerland in an unusual way. That's why I suggest you fan your toes and let me organize everything. I will take care of booking you an accommodation, a surprise activity, but I will also give you suggestions of activities, restaurants... so that you can free your mind to the maximum and enjoy the experience 100%. But what experience? Experience spontaneity again! Indeed, you will discover your destination only the day of your departure. Do you feel capable? ;-)



We look forward to helping you (re)discover Switzerland,




Founder and Director of We Surprise



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